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We know that claiming to provide service, and claiming to be honest can just be lip service.  What matters is what our clients actually say.  Below are reviews from our valued clients.  We are proud to have a 4.6 average customer rating with well over 100 reviews.  If ever a client is unhappy we will go out of our way to ensure we have done everything to solve their issue.
  • One of the best mechanics, if not the best. What I like about him? First, I like the guy who invests to enhance his service. The day I met Luis, he told me about a new scanner he had invested heavily in it. He also have the tools to do the work. As a BMW owner, not all of the tools are available with regular mechanics. Second, he gave me the feeling that her cared about my bucks. While he could have replaced directly the failed part, he told me I will give it a try to fix it. Add to this his integrity and honesty. When my son had a problem with his 2011 infinity, I advised him to go to Ami-go directly. Don't shop around, I trust this guy. My son was never happier with the service. Keep up the good work.
  • My poor Mini Copper S got the dreaded "death rattle" and needed a new timing chain. I feared the worst and called the dealership. Price was ridiculous. Searched around and found Ami-Go Automotive in Milton. I could not be happier with the results. Not only did he save my beloved Mini, he explained everything that he repaired and it was a lot, but he also took the time to show my all my old parts. The price was fantastic, and workmanship was even better. Thank you for saving my Mini!! I have already told all my friends and colleagues about your incredible service.
  • This shop is extremely professional and courteous. They provided me with quick and friendly service. 10/10 would recommend!
  • I have never experienced service like Ami-Go before, by far the most honest and genuine people, I had tried to fix my car myself and didn’t go so well, they got my car up and running perfectly in no time, thank you guys so much again, I appreciate your guys’ service, honesty and help!
  • Came here for a safety inspection a bit ago, so I could drive for Lyft. They certified my car in around half an hour, and got me a replacement window wiper at cost, delivered from a local supplier. Fast & Effective Technicians. +++

264 Bronte St. S
Unit 8
Milton, ON
L9T 1Y8