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Milton Exhaust and Muffler Repair

Muffler Repair Milton - a noisy muffler is instantly noticed by you and those around you.  When your muffler fails you will have to have it repaced by a trained mechanic.  Luis at Ami-go Automotive will quickly find the leak in your exhaust system and, if you require a muffler, will replace it with OEM quality parts.  If a muffler is not required then Luis will only repair what is necessary, keeping your costs low.

Leaky Exhuast system - A leaky exhaust or muffler is not only noisy but can also be dangerous when exhaust fumes enter the vehicle from below the car.  We will diagnose your entire exhaust system and replace only what is necessary.  In many cases we can replace just the fault part, whether it is the catalitic converter, muffler, or section of your pipe.  
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Ami-go Automotive has been providing honest car repair for residents of Milton since 2004. We are import car specialist but can repair all makes and models.  If you are looking for reliable, honest service then call us at 905-875-3644 to book your appointment.
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